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Easily create an attractive website with accessibility for users with or without disabilities, following the guidelines established by Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2, without the need for mastery of technologies.

What is the importance of creating a website with accessibility?

According to the IBGE, in Brazil, 45.6 million individuals have some type of disability, this represents on average 23.9% of the Brazilian population, being possible users of websites. However, according to a survey by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), conducted in 2012, only 2% of web pages are accessible for people with disabilities.

How can I create my website with accessibility?

The website creator In @ web simplifies the creation of a modern, professional website, with content management, without the need for technical knowledge, and most importantly, an accessible website. So that it can be used by users with or without disabilities.

The following image is an illustration with a predominant background in shades of blue, forming a kind of circle that contains elements such as gear and also foliage. At the front there is an illustration of a blue notebook and a white wheelchair symbol, a blue tablet with a white mute speaker symbol and a cell phone that also has a blue background with an eye and a delay diagonally indicating that he cannot see, also in white. The front of the screens has an illustration of a man standing, with white skin, blue pants and shoes and a red T-shirt, wearing sunglasses and holding a blue tablet, next to him is an illustration of a boy sitting on a wheelchair in blue tones, the boy with white skin color, wears shoes and shorts in blue color and with a red T-shirt, above his head an illustration of a balloon in red color with a white heart inside.
The image is an illustration where there is a dialogue between people who have a physical disability, from left to right we have a woman in a wheelchair with long black hair who is tied in a ponytail style, she wears a white tank top and a long pants with a shade of dark purple, almost black. Beside her is a visually impaired man who is using a crutch and holding his guide dog by the collar, the boy is wearing a white T-shirt with a purple vest over it and black trousers. Beside her we have a woman who does not have her feet wearing a sports prosthesis, she is wearing a purple tank top and black trousers. And finally we have a man using two crutches one in each hand, he wears a cap with the brim behind, a white T-shirt with purple sleeves and black slacks with tears in the knee. They are all gesturing as if they are in a relaxed conversation.

What can an accessible website offer?

The website created by In @ web will be in accordance with accessibility guidelines for web content, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2, following four principles that underlie accessibility on the web:

  • Perceptible: all information and components must be perceived by users.
  • Operable: interfaces and navigation must be operable;
  • Understandable: the information and the interface need to be understandable;
  • Robust: in order to be interpreted by users, the content needs to be robust, including assistive technology resources.

Who is the creator of In @ web sites for?

The website builder In @ web is a simple and easy tool to create and publish websites with features that allow you to customize the content and layout of the website. It can be used to create institutional, business and even personal websites. We also offer an artificial intelligence resource for analyzing the inserted text in accordance with the related image, ensuring levels of cohesion between the alternative text and the media. Thus, screen readers will be able to read the text presented and that correctly describes the image for people with visual impairments.

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In the image we have an illustration of some people talking and waving, from left to right we have a boy with blond hair with a mechanical hand, he makes a waving movement, he wears a dark blue T-shirt, black trousers and a sneaker. Beside him is a woman with long red hair, she wears a dress with orange sleeves and a white high-heeled shoe, she is arm in arm with the boy on her right and the other boy on her left, the boy on her left he has visual impairment, he has short black hair and is wearing a long-sleeved blouse in white and long pants in brown with black shoes, he is with his beige guide dog holding him by the collar. Beside her we have a woman with big red hair, she has her right hand raised waving, she wears a white blouse with a short-sleeved coat over it in dark blue and black trousers. Finally in front of everyone we have a woman in a wheelchair in orange and light brown tones, she has black chanel hair and wears a long-sleeved blouse in dark green and long pants in a dark blue color with white shoes.

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